movement, music and meetings

Have started to consider some of the other elements of the documentary which I think, can make or break a film. Music is, i think, pivotal. I have found several potential artists/songs that I may be able to use for the documentary. One artist is Zulya, a Russian singer, based in Melbourne, that has several songs on her website which could suit the film beautifully. I have found songs on her site which represent different emotional cues. Some are traditional gypsy style songs, others are more contemporary and some are more sad and slow. I have found the form on RMIT’s website to send to artists regarding getting copyright permission and once I choose which song/s I would like to use, will email her directly to get her permission. I have also found a musician by the name of Reb Shaya which has some beautiful orchestral Russian-Jewish music which is sourced from hundreds of years ago in Russian-jewish villages. This is both relevant and beautiful and depending on whether or not I want to make the sound more upbeat or poignant, may also be useful.

I have also emailed writer/commentator Maria Tumarkin about the documentary and she has said she is more than happy to participate. Yes! Also, after speaking to several Russian friends, one of my friends’ grandmothers actually lives in the South Melbourne flats and my friend said she may want to be a part of the doco. She has also given me the details of a woman who is a community organiser at the South Melbourne flats, Anna Rogalina. Anna has been interviewed before about her work with the Russian community that lives in the flats and seems like a very valuable source for my piece. I am not sure if all of these people will necessarily make it into the final cut of the doco, but I think that I should definitely speak to them and, if possible, film them to see if they might be of use to the piece. I am wary of ‘over doing’ it and understand that it can be heartbreaking when it comes to editing time and there is an overdose of material to cut back, but what the hell. Sometimes the interview subjects you think will give you what you need don’t deliver and those you have little expectation of end up making the piece. If time allows, I would rather have more than less to work with.

I have also been looking at different typefaces I may use for the opening and closing credits and the title. I am not sure what I will call the documentary, but have found some perfect typefaces which are available for free online, they are all based on Soviet-era posters and really give a good image of the Soviet world from which the Russian-Jewish community has come from.

Some Soviet-era fonts that are available for use online.

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